Barn Quilt Trails for Decatur County


We have divided Decatur County into five trails with US Highway 83 and US Highway 36 as the boundaries and a trail in Oberlin City. 

Each Map has a highlighted route to guide your way and each site is numbered to coordinate with the Block List for the description of each site. You may print the Trail Maps and matching Block List or follow along with your mobile device. 

Click on a link below to see more information about each trail and to view an in-depth trail map.

  1.  Northwest Trail

  2.  Southwest Trail

  3.  Oberlin City Trail

  4.  Southeast Trail

  5.  Northeast Trail (coming soon)

READING MAPS:  Each Trail Map is a segment of Decatur County.  The Roads are identified with numbers (100th Rd ... 2900th Rd) on the North/South Roads and Alphabet letters (A Ln .... EE Ln) on the West/East Lanes.  The mapping begins in the Southwest corner of the County with Rawlins Rd and A Ln and ventures North and East from there.  The Road signs are posted on Hwy 36, Hwy 83, Hwy 383, and major intersection.