Come and join in the fun of a self-guided tour of Decatur County, Kansas' 100-year old barns and farms plus Barn Art Quilts and bits of history along the way.


Barn Art has a proud Mid-West rural heritage, initiating in Ohio.  Barn Art incorporates the tradition of quilting which tells fascinating histories, family heritage and shows the culture of the rural area through fabric.  It reflects the intentional symbolism of family and history as the fabric of our nation.  Barn Art continues this tradition and adds a rural artistic flavor of vibrant colors showcased on family owned barns, buildings, businesses or any stationary structure where we show off our rural art.  The Decatur County Barn Art Quilt Trail has decorated the countryside with beautiful pieces giving a classic and a grateful bow to the history of quilting and art.  This endeavor has enjoyed overwhelming success!   The reach of the Barn Art now includes other aspects of rural art such as: welding, sculpting, and the list continues to grow.  We are anxious to have you experience Barn Art and we are confident you will enjoy everything our organization has to offer.            

     Enough talk ”Let’s Hit the TRAILS!”


A large near 100 year old barn

Can I interest you in making a Barn Quilt? Watch the videos below!  

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